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Blister pack is a term for several types of pre-formed plastic packaging used for small consumer goods.

The two primary components of a blister pack are the cavity or pocket made from a "formable" web, either plastic or aluminium - and the lidding, made from paper, paperboard, plastic or aluminium. The "formed" cavity or pocket contains the product and the "lidding" seals the product in the package.

Blister packs consist of carded packaging where goods such as toys, hardware, and electrical items are contained between a specially made paperboard card and clear pre-formed plastic such as PVC. The consumer can visually examine the product through the transparent plastic. The plastic shell is vacuum-formed around a mold so it can contain the item snugly. The card is brightly colored and designed depending on the item inside, and the PVC is affixed to the card using heat and pressure to activate an adhesive (heat seal coating) on the blister card. The adhesive is strong enough so that the pack may hang on a peg, but weak enough so so that the package can be easily opened (in theory). Sometimes, with large items, the card has a perforated window for access.

Product: BS-5030
/blister packaging sample 1

blister packaging sample 1

Product: UBS-5030
/Blister packaging sample 2

Blister packaging sample 2

Product: BS-5030
/Blister packaging sample 3

Blister packaging sample 3

Product: BS-3180
/Blister packaging sample 6

Blister packaging sample 6

Product: BS-5030
/blister packaging sample 7

blister packaging sample 7

Product: BS-3180
/Blister Packaging sample 8

Blister Packaging sample 8

Product: BS-5030
/Blister packaging sample 9

Blister packaging sample 9

Product: BS-5030
/Blister packaging sample 10

Blister packaging sample 10

Product: BS-3180
/Blister packaging sample 11

Blister packaging sample 11

Product: BS-3180
/Blister packaging sample 12

Blister packaging sample 12

Product: BS-3180
/blister packaging sample 4

blister packaging sample 4

Product: BS-3180
/Blister packaging sample 5

Blister packaging sample 5

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